Tuesday 12 August 2014

Just 2 weeks to go!

Only two weeks until Nan Hauser, Alex Zerbini, and I meet in Rarotonga to start our 2014 humpback whale tagging research! Nan has been working tirelessly studying the whales off Rarotonga this (austral) winter, and she and her team have graciously provided some inspiring material (you can always find more at nanhauser.com!). Enjoy!

August 10, 2014 - Nan and the team go out to check on a singing humpback report from the local fishermen and find...

But sure enough, those fishermen were right, a male humpback (the singers) was not far behind!
Putting drones and go-pros to good use!  Simply amazing...thanks Nan!

Nan, you are a legend!

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